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How to Make & Market Gel Candles that Sell Like Wildfire!

"Hands down the best resource for instructions on how to make your own candles."
~ Bettie Saccardo, Gel Candle Designer

While strolling the aisles of an open-air market one fine Sunday morning back in 1998, something caught my eye that stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Will you look at that!” I said as I raced towards a booth with my husband in close pursuit.

Gel Candles

Original Gel Candle

At the booth I picked up the object that I had spied. It was a miniature aquarium of sand, seashells, glass fish and blue water… only, “Hey wait a minute, this isn’t water! And there’s a wick in it! What is this stuff?” I asked.

“Gel,” said the woman at the booth, “it’s a gel candle.”

“It’s a candle?” I asked amazed, as I turned it about. I was mesmerized as I looked down upon it, and up at it, and into it sideways and all around, turning it this way and that in the light.

“Yes, it’s a candle. I have three different sizes as you see here,” she said as she pointed to the items on her table.

As I clasped my mini aquarium treasure in my hands, I gazed at the other candles on display. They were all beautiful.

I was hooked.

“Who makes them?” I asked.

“My brother and I do,” she replied.

seascape gel candles

seascape gel candles

“You make them? How?” I asked, but she just shrugged with a knowing smile, her gel candle secrets kept safe within.

I bought that lovely little aquarium (pictured above), and when I took it home and lit it, its beauty came alive as the light of the flame danced off the shells.

To this day that candle is a treasured reminder of my first step taken so many years ago into the world of Gel… and the journey that has followed…

Like myself, when others see the gel candles, many questions come to mind.

  • What is this stuff?
  • How is it made?
  • How do I color the gel?
  • What wicks do I use?
  • How is it scented?
  • What glassware can I use?
  • What items can I put in the candles?
  • How do I package the candles?
  • How do I price the candles?
  • How do I sell the candles?

At the time, the answers to these questions were difficult to find and resulted in months of research, trial and error, testing, review and redo. And in time, I came to find that: Gel Candles are Fun, Easy & can be Lucrative.

"I just finished reading your book. First I made 40 candles (from a different book) and now I know how to do it the right way. Very good reading. Thanks for your book and help.”
~Ron Braschler, Gel Candlemaker


But Beware: Not All Gel Candle Reference Materials are Alike!

"I endorse only one book. It's the how-to book penned by Lynn Thomas, The only person to write a sensible, safety conscious gelling book. IMHO it's the only book written with safety in mind. I've browsed some of the other gel books and some of the stuff contained in them just flat out frightens me!”
~ Amy P,, Gel Candle Designer, Instructor, Supplier

Start making gel candles….

And so at the time, I became active online helping other “newbies” get started and answering many of the same questions. And that is when I realized that there needed to be a resource that contained all the information needed to make, market and sell gel candles – from an unbiased point of view.

"How to Make and Market Gel Candles That Sell Like Wildfire! contains concise, detailed, and easy-to-follow information. It has become the resource for both the novice and the experienced gel candle maker. Highly recommended!" Patti Smith, Gel Candle Design Instructor, Biomax Candles


I also wanted to share what I had learned on how to effectively market and sell the candles as well.

At first I launched the eBook (1999) and then a printed manual followed by a sold-out published book.  I also launched the first gel candle newsletter which gave monthly tips and designs for three years.

While some of my readers continue to enjoy making the gel candles as a hobby, many have set up successful businesses selling gel candles alone, or in addition to their other products.

They are actively marketing online, through direct mail and word-of mouth; going to shows and fairs; providing home parties, seminars and workshops; and wholesaling to gift stores and specialty shops down the street, across the country, or around the world. Others are actively marketing gel kits, wicks, fragrance oils, dyes, glassware, labels and packaging, embed items and more.

So beware! Gel candles can be addicting.

“This book was very helpful. It was one of the first that we found
when we were starting our candle company, Gellite, back in 2001. We now have wholesale candle customers all over the US and an online store as well.”
~Jim at

You could find yourself hooked on creating or collecting these wonderful 3D designs.

blue gel cat candle

Blue Cat Gel Candle

Gel candles cast their magic over chandlers and consumers alike. At that very moment in time they have become a faithful customer, or another hooked crafter. Either way, they want more and they want it now. Start making gel candles….

And I know you’re hooked too, or you would not have read this far.

Greetings and Welcome to the World of Gel Candle Making

Note: Do Not Make, Mass Produce, Market or Sell Gel Candles Without this Information!

"I got your book and I love it. I was on the Internet looking for a part time business.... I happened to come across gel candles and instantly fell in love with them. I have read your book and feel that it has helped me tremendously in preparing me to make the candles and in starting a business. Thank you for writing it."
~John Burr, Gel Candlemaker, Entrepreneur

It took months of accumulated hours to research and compose this easy to read resource, which will not only inform you, but will save you hours of research. Hours better off spent making these beautiful candles.

Cherry Cola Gel Candle

Why Are Gel Candles So Popular?

People like their 3D Effects, Sparkles and Brilliance.

Why candle makers like to make them?

Because, in following guidelines of safety, embeds, scent and color, your only limitation is your imagination.

The gel is a great medium for achieving 3D effects, and the gel is so forgiving:

  • Scent too strong? Re-melt the gel, adding additional gel for the new pour.
  • Scent too weak? Re-melt the gel adding additional scent, then re-pour.
  • Candle shade too dark: re-melt the gel, adding additional clear gel for the new pour.
  • Candle shade too light? Re-melt the gel adding additional color, then pour.
  • Candle Design doesn’t look quite right? Pull out all the gel, separate from embeds, re-melt the gel, replace embeds, re-pour the gel.

Re-melt, Re-scent, Re-color, Re-design, Re-pour
This artistic freedom puts the new Geller at ease.

"A friend of mine e-mailed me photos of the gel candles that she creates and I was fascinated. I immediately knew that I wanted to learn how to make these beautiful candles. I purchased your book... I couldn't put it down! So easy to read and understand. This is one of the most well-written instruction books that I have ever had the pleasure to read... With so little investment... a person can actually start a prosperous business! Thank you for sharing!"
~ ~ Patsy Bocook, A New Creation, OH

waxed candy corn gel candle

Waxed Candy Corn Gel Candle

I have made and sold numerous candles since that fateful day that I first saw them at the open-air market. Their intriguing beauty dazzles and enhances any decor. Start making gel candles….

They are fun to make and a joy to own or to give as gifts:

  • Aquariums, Terrariums & Treasure Candles
  • Beer glasses & Cappuccino with Foam
  • Cola & Cocktails on the Rocks
  • Rainbows, Swirls, Sparklers & Neon
  • Fruit Preserves, Pies, Sundaes & Hamburgers!
  • Holiday Themes, Centerpieces & Celebrations
  • So many more

Blue Sea Gel Candle Aquarium with Blue Glass Fish Embed

Gel Candles are Hot!

Every day, people who see a gel candle for the first time ask:

  • What is that?
  • Can I do that?
  • How do I get started?
  • Is there a book about this?

I have good news for you… The Gel Candle Book holds the Answers.

You won’t have to spend months  accumulating, sifting and cataloging the information for your gel candle hobby or business.

I have done it for you… leaving you time to ‘play’ at the Gel.

We have compiled is a wealth of knowledge for the beginner… plus new ideas, designs, and contacts in an easy-to-read reference manual that instructs you on how to create – and sell – your Gel Candles.

"I have already purchased your book 3 years ago and still to this day I find it very helpful and useful. I will tell any candle maker that this book is a definite MUST have. I have enjoyed it and truthfully I am so glad I have it. It helped us out a great deal more than you know. We have many candle books but this was the one that we needed for ongoing guidance and support. Thanks for taking the time to write this book!"
~ Tori Gray, Uniquely Lit

Beer-Look - Gel Candle

Beer-Look – Gel Candle


Do NOT buy any Gel Candles book unless it meets the following criteria:

  • This is the original best-selling gel candle making resource that has survived the test-of-time since 1999. Our testimonials are proof that we have educated and assisted our readers.
  • This is the gel candle resource that has created hobbies and launched successful gel candle making businesses. It will not only teach you how to create gel candles, but it will teach you how to market and sell them.
  • There is no ulterior agenda to sell this book as we are not selling gel candle making supplies, nor trying to edge out the competition by not telling you all of the facts that you need to know to get your hobby or business started.
  • A writer was not hired to just create an info-product to sell.  The author has done the legwork by testing and applying the knowledge in both the creation and the marketing of the Gel Candles.
  • This resource contains time-tested information on how to safely make your candles, so that should you follow the guidelines of safety, you should feel confidant that the candles that you sell, or give as gifts, can be used safely by the end user.
  • Why spend hours, days or months searching and testing and wasting time and money when everything you need to know to explore your hobby or start your gel candle making business is contained herein.
  • Start making gel candles….

How to Make & Market Gel Candles  That Sell Like Wildfire!
Concise, orderly and professional hints, tips, tricks and techniques written by the editor of the original Gel Candle News and Gel Candle Resource Center.

"I wish I had this book when I made my very first candle… I love it… full of information… I’m having a blast! Thanks for all your hard work and effort in compiling this information."
~ Gay N. Hilton, Candlemaker

What You Will Learn:


Gel Candle Designs

  • What Is A Gel Candle?
  • Why Are They So Popular?
  • Safety First Purchasing The Gel
  • Pre-Made Gel
  • Heating & Pouring The Gel
  • Glassware for Your Gel Candles
  • Embedding Items in Your Gel Candles
  • Wicks for Your Gel Candles
  • Fragrance & Essential Oils in Your Gel Candles
  • Dyes & Colors in Your Gel Candles
  • Bubbles and No Bubbles Gel in Your Gel Candles
  • Suspending Embeds in Your Gel Candles
  • Design Ideas for Your Gel Candles
  • The Process of Creating Your Gel Candles
  • Common Solutions for Your Gel Candles
  • Pricing, Packaging & Promoting Your Gel Candles
  • Ways to Sell Your Gel Candles
  • Warning Labels on Your Gel Candles
  • Suppliers of Gel and Other Items
  • Further Reading about Gel Candles
  • Additional Resources for Gel Candles

"Hello There! I've purchased the "How to Make and Market Gel Candles that Sell Like Wildfire" not too long ago. I read the whole book step by step. By the 3rd day I was already making beautiful candlesthanks to this book! I couldn't believe it neither could my parents! I'm a 19 year old girl and it just amazes me the fact that I can make these gorgeous candles! Thank You for creating a complete and very informational book!!
~~ Meli B. in Jersey City, NJ, Candlemaker




Don’t waste money testing and researching.
Don’t waste time searching…
You already found it!

Start making gel candles….



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  1. Love the book but I am finding it difficult to locate a supplier of candle gel in New Zealand or a company who will ship it. HELP

  2. Gel candles were the first candles I ever made and I was hooked from Day One. The ideas seem to be endless and seeing the sparkling creation in the end just gives many hours of enjoyment. Books like these help answer questions that come up when starting a new hobby or business. It is a great resource. Gel candles will always be my first love and it is fun to share the experiences with others.


  3. Making gel candles is a little trickier than simple melt and pour wax candles, but the extra effort is absolutely worth it. Gel candles can be beautiful, with objects embedded in the transparent gel or bubbles suspended throughout. When lit, the gel seems to glow.

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  8. This book was very helpful. It was one of the first that we found when we were starting our candle company, Gellite, back in 2001. We now have wholesale candle customers all over the US and an online store as well.

  9. @mike odom: Hi Mike,
    You say gel candle products. Is that finished candles or are you looking for materials? If you are looking for finished candles, let me know.

  10. I really enjoyed your post. I am just starting to get into candle making and these gel candles look amazing and fun to make. I’m going to give it a try. Ty for your post.

  11. The account at the beginning of this post is exactly the same as my wife and I. We’ve been looking for something to do together, and some friends who make soap inspired us, and eventually we settled on candles because my wife saw some gel candles at an art show. She’s from Paraguay, and our concept is going to start with candles that have scents that remind her of home. We like gel candles because we can put some really fun stuff inside!


  12. I Read the article and have decided to start me a gel candle business. Will buy the book for ideas and go for it. Thanks for the idea.

  13. Awesome, Awesome I love it. I know I have found it. I have been doing all sorts of crafts for years while looking for something simple yet creative and sellable. Thank you I need the book. Do you have a DVD. Blessings to you


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