Easter Fun Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Easter Fun Candles

RememberBunny with Pink Eggs Gel Candles all the fun you had at Easter time when you are a kid?

Well its time to have some fun again – gel candles style!

These projects are easy enough for the whole family and are much more fun than dyeing Easter Eggs and are sure to be a hit.

Make sure you always use caution when making gel candles.

This article will discuss:

  • Easter Color Candle
  • Easter Candle Using Mini Marbles
  • Easter Egg Candle
  • Every Bunnies Favorite Candle

Easter Color Candle

This Easter candle uses a square votive glass and is made to be a good Easter Candle without spending too much money or time.

Gel Candle Easter ColorsStart with some good pastel colored marbles, a square votive glass, and some glass carrot embeds.

Put the wick in the center and randomly place your marbles in the glass.

Arrange the marbles around until you get the look you are after.

Then simply find a good little nook to tuck your carrots into on the out edge of the glass. Look at all four sides of the candle. A great gel candle looks good from any angle. When you are happy with the arrangement of your embeds then get ready to pour.

At Kewl Candle Factory we really like to take our heat gun and “take the chill off” the entire glass and embeds. We use a laser sighted infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of embeds and glass to about 140 F. If you do not have a thermometer like this just hold the heat gun to the outside and the inside of the glass for about 30-45 seconds each. If the glass it almost too hot to touch, then you have the right temperature. What this will do is cause the gel to “suck up” to the embeds (marbles etc). After the pour we then take the heat gun to the outside of the glass and clear any major bubbles caught under the marbles.

We do not send too much time trying to get a bubble free candle. We like some bubbles but not too many especially the large pockets of air under the marbles.

Easter Candle Using Mini Marbles

This Easter candle is made like a lot of gel candles, using sand as a base. We do like to do a couple of things differently. One thing is we like to use two colors of sand in a layered effect. We also like to use our mini marbles to make an Easter Egg Effect.

In the picture of this candle you will see a detail photo that shows the mini marbles.
Using Marbles for Effect in Gel Candle Designs
To make this candle lets start off with the square votive glass.

Center you wick in the middle.

Then get two colors of green sand. Take a small hand full of each color in each hand. Then by letting a small amount flow out of each hand begin layering the sand in the glass for your base. Start with the left hand and squeeze out some of that color very UN evenly. Then do the same with the right hand. Repeat this until you have enough sand (about 1/2″). The more UN even the layers the better. Make each layer very thin.

Now that you have your base, take a glass bunny and a carrot and place them in the candle. We also included a little chicky on our candle.

Then take your mini marbles and sprinkle in just a tiny amount in different place in the candle. Take a good look at the scene from all sides of the candle. If you are happy then you are ready to pour.

We like to do at this point is too pour a very thin layer of gel over the entire base of the candle. We feel that this “seals” in the sand. It will prevent the sand swirling around any (careful pouring will also prevent this).

After the first thin layer sets a little we like to take the heat gun and warm it up about. That’s right “take the chill off”. Emeril might have BAM but at Kewl Candle Factory we have got “take the chill off!” This warms up the top off the thin layer and helps prevent layer lines.

After your pour we use tongue depressors to help keep the wick straight. We also sometimes use the heat gun on the outside to clear off any outer bubbles.

Easter Egg Candles

This candle again uses the square votive. It also uses Solid Glass Eggs and Cheater Glass Gems available from us at gelcandlesupply.com.

This is an easy candle to make and looks great. In the picture we show a detail of this candle burning. All you need to do is:

Center your wick in the glass.

Then take four or five of the “cheater glass gems”. We call these glass stones “cheater gems” because their main use is to float fish in sea scenes without really floating them. Just stick a couple of these on the bottom and then set your fish on top. It looks like it is floating but it is not really. Ok well back on the subject of the Easter Egg Candle. We are really just using these large clear gems to place our eggs in an upright and well-positioned place in the candle. These large gems work well on the bottom but you will need some clear filler in the middle of the candle. We did not have any small clear marbles at the house so we used some clear wick beds to fill out the center.

Once you have all this in the eggs should be upright and symmetric in the glass. Once you are happy with the look then you are ready to pour. Once again we like to “take the chill off” with the heat gun.

Make your pour, let it set up, and then make someone’s day with this beautiful Easter candle.

Every Bunnies Favorite Candle

Bunny Gel Candle with Large Eggs

This might be the all time favorite candle(s) here at Kewl Candle Factory! Everyone who has seen these candles loves them.

We just added these great stuffed bunnies to our website and we think they will sell out quickly. We made three candles using the same “Perfect Stemware” glass and the bunnies. All candles use the same basic techniques as described in the above projects. After the candle is poured and set up we just add the adorable little stuffed bunnies. These bunnies have a small Velcro pad on their feet and the fin nice and snug around the stem of the glass.

If you look closely at the candle with pink eggs you will see that we used mini marbles to cover the wick tab. Let your imagination run wild with these elegant Easter candles.

Safety is #1

Always use caution when making gel candles and ALWAYS put warning labels on the bottom of your candles.

Never place any item that could burn inside of the candle.

By Jimmy Glen of Kewl Candle Factory – gelcandlesupply.com

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