Gel & Paraffin Sundae Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Gel & Paraffin Sundae Candle

This chocolate sundae gel candles was an idea that came to my head at 7:00 am when  I ran out of gel and had some paraffin wax.

Gel & Parrafin Sundae Candles

Gel & Parrafin Sundae Candles

Wick the glass.

Melt the paraffin, then whip and then add Chocolate-Type fragrance oil.

Use an ice cream scoop after almost set up to create wax ice cream scoups.

Stir a small amount of gel with a lot of brown dye. (6 drops in 1 pound of gel) to create the syrup.

With the chocolate Scent added, drizzle into the sundae glass.

Then use a spoon to push remaining whipped parrafin into sundae glass.

Then use the scoop to drizzle the syrup on top.

Then add imitation wax chocolate morsels, mini wax Oreo’s and imitation wax cherries before you do anything put wick in sundae glass.

Linda Mc Innes of Creations By Lynn

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