Tropical Fruit Pie Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Tropical Fruit Pie Gel Candles

Here we have a new summer fresh pie rendition… a Tropical Fruit Pie gel candle with a wax ‘graham cracker crust’.

Tropical Fruit Pie Gel Candle

Tropical Fruit Pie Gel Candle

Fill your pie tins with the usual colored and scented gel so customers get the long burn time. We used our Tropical Fruit fragrance.

Next – add some whitening crystals to a little melted gel to ‘top off’ the pie… for the creamy ‘pudding pie’ look. Allow to slightly thicken and pour over the top surface.

Next we spooned our new graham crust (wax) around the rim of the Pie.

Now arrange your pieces of tropical fruits, mounded in the center to look authentic and attractive.

The next step is to drizzle semi-cooled/thickened clear/scented gel over the top surface to lock the fruits and crust together and add that professional glaze.

Finish with a sprinkling of the wax coconut….place in your packaging box, and watch the customers flock to you!

Article & Design by Patti Smith, Design Artist
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